10 Truths About Dating Someone Younger

Society isn’t what it used to be. We’ve liberated ourselves from social constraints, which is why people are more open and free. Hence, you’ll see a lot of adults dating people who are somewhat younger than them. If you are looking to date someone younger then you try Flirtilla it’s a great site for dating and flirting.

However, there are countless truths that people don’t realize that come into play when you date someone who’s much younger than you. If you’re the older person in the relationship, you’ll know what we’re talking about. We’ll be running through some of these truths, so if you’re interested, be sure to read ahead.

You Might Not Like Their Friends

Frankly, the two of you are at very different points in your lives. Because of this, the type of people you hang out with will be very different. So, it’s only natural that you don’t fit in with the people your partner hangs out with.

At times, this can get frustrating as you won’t be able to connect with their friends. This can leave you feeling a bit empty as you can’t show yourself as being part of their life enough.

What’s more, if you ever hang out with your partner’s friends, it can be difficult. They may not understand you, and vice versa which would lead to a lot of differences. This can get ugly as they could paint a negative image of you to your partner.

Obviously, your partner may spend a lot of time with friends. So, if there’s bad blood between you and them, you won’t be able to join in, losing out on time you could spend with your significant other.

They Want Different Things

You’ve been around longer than them. Hence, you’re ready to settle down and stop playing around. Unfortunately, your partner may not be as he or she is just experiencing life. This would cause rifts between the two of you as you both want different things in life.

Unfortunately, this can get ugly pretty fast as you may want to settle down and get married. As you can imagine, your significant other may not reciprocate these feelings. So, you’ll either have to take the leap and break up or get into a pretty heavy discussion.

You Have Different Beliefs

Sometimes, you may get into arguments as you two have different beliefs and opinions. Most commonly, this would be due to the difference in age as you’ve both been exposed to different things.

People Will Judge

Although society is more open than it’s ever been, there are still people who are rather conservative. So, you can expect a lot of people to question the validity of your relationship. You should be prepared to face their criticisms, as otherwise, you might end up feeling hurt.

What’s more, people may literally stare at the two of you while you go on with your day. So, get ready for this.

You May Lose Friends

As mentioned, some people are still stuck in their ways. So, family and friends may not like you dating someone who’s much younger. Ultimately, this could tarnish the relationship you have with them.

You’ll Question Everyone

Your significant other is in their youth. So, they’re out and about constantly, having fun and living life to the fullest. This may leave you insecure as you’re not able to go out and do as many things as if you have other responsibilities to take care of.

You may not be able to keep up with their energy as well, so they might leave you home while they party the night away.

This can lead to problems quickly as, over time, you’ll start becoming suspicious of them. You may think they’re cheating on you with someone who’s not as “old and boring” as you. Thus, you could become very insecure about your relationship, constantly questioning them.

As you can guess, this is extremely toxic behavior and your partner won’t like being around you if you act this way.

You May Be Jealous

They’re younger than you. Thus, they have a greater lease of life than you since you’ve left your youth behind, especially if you’re much older. Because of this, you feel become jealous of the chances and opportunities they have.

You may not only feel jealous about their careers or opportunities but their looks as well. You might feel envious about their youth too.

Being jealous of their looks is not as common. Instead, you might be jealous of one of their friend’s looks instead.

You’re Wiser Than Them

You’ve lived your life and gone through the same things they have. So, you know exactly what to do and what not to do in certain situations. This can be helpful as you can offer some much-needed advice, helping your partner make the best decisions.

However, it could go horribly wrong when you bombard them with advice. This may leave them feeling patronized and bossed around. This would affect your relationship greatly.

Are You Babysitting Them?

You’ll find yourself helping them with your broader knowledge and experience. At a certain point, it might start feeling like you are babysitting your partner. Frankly, you’re not, so you need to pull yourself out of this headspace as it can ruin your relationship in the long run.

Life Gets Different

Considering the above points, you’ll see that dating someone who’s younger than you really can really shake your life up. For the most part, it’s quite exciting so get ready for a drastic change.

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