8 Best Dating Apps for Men 2021

Online dating sites have been around for a very long time – in fact almost for ever in terms of the internet and its development. The first modern dating site is credited as being was one called Kiss.com in the ancient year of 1994, closely followed by Match.com the year after that. By 1996, Yahoo listed sixteen such sites in its directory and the digital floodgates really opened after this. Interestingly, Match.com has stayed the course and is still currently one of the biggest players in the online dating industry.

While the idea of being able to meet a potential partner had obviously been around for a while, the limitations of early cell phone technology meant that this wasn’t able to make the transition to the mobile arena for quite a while, apart from maybe the odd random texts received by someone from a stranger who managed to get their number from a mutual friend.

In 2005, ‘The San Francisco Chronicle’ ran a story about how they were predicting mobile dating would be the next best thing [Source: sfgate.com] and they sure were not wrong! The following few years saw an explosion of apps offering these kinds of services and the soon to be developed GPS technology brought the added advantage of companies being able to offer location-based dating apps, so users were able to locate others hungry to meet-up in their locality.

Aside from the locational factors, many users said they preferred phone-based dating apps because of their interfaces and the ‘swipe and slide’ nature of their content and this style has been adopted by many current providers of such services. While it’s hard to put an exact figure on how many of these exist in 2021, due to lack of data for some countries and the fact that the more obscure ones, like religious-based niche apps, don’t want to share their information, the numbers probably run into the hundreds. Interestingly, Match.com, there from the start are still the leading player in owning many of the most popular ones.

So, while it’s difficult not to mention some of more famous apps, we’ve tried to include some of the lesser-known ones that we feel are cool ones for men dating in 2021.

Tinder (Android/iOS)

Well, it’s not really going to come as news to you (unless you’ve been off the planet for the last ten years or so) that this app is the biggest and therefore, arguably, the best. According to stats from muchneeded.com, in the US alone, Tinder users generate 1.6 billion swipes per which creates over 20 billion matches and leads to a staggering 1 million days per week!

While there are obviously huge numbers of women using Tinder, it remains man’s best friend in the dating app world. The top feature that makes it man-proof is the ability to simply swipe ‘Nope’ or ‘Liked’ and the geographical range locator feature makes it perfect for the guys in a hurry to get together. If likes are appreciated, the conversation can be moved to a private chat area and if not, well, there’re plenty more girls around, right?

A tip for the girls, if you’re reading this, men statistically tend to swipe right (to like) more with women who are wearing more formal clothes than being scantily clad. So put your best dress on, ladies, and get ready for an avalanche!


In contrast to the frivolous, throw-away nature that Tinder often becomes used in, Hinge is designed with the idea of creating much more serious relationships from the start. It’s become extremely popular with the modern, more sensitive guy who doesn’t want to be out playing the field in order to find a serious relationship. In fact, the company slogan is “Designed to be deleted” which is a nice sentiment, if not a clever marketing move.

Although it looks a little like Tinder on its interface, underneath the dashboard it is way more serious. It actually relies on your Facebook friends to help make connections for you and shows people who you have things in common with as well as mutual friends. Swiping is based around questions about experiences, shared interests and relationship aims, and it doesn’t offer location-based functions. Perfect for the man who is serious about dating. The only disadvantage is if you don’t use Facebook.

Happnn (Android/iOS)

This is another proximity-based app but with a difference. It kind of simplifies various other ‘niche’ type apps by rolling lots of special;ity type features into one app. Instead of asking about a particular theme of intersts or likes, it gets strtaight to the point by finding people who go to the same places to do the same sort of things, for example frequenting a bar or restaurant or going to a particular cinema.

This is an extremely smooth way of doing things and is ideal for people who go out a lot and what to meet up. Also great for those who travel a lot.

Zoosk (Android/iOS)

The uniqueness of Zoosk comes from its built-in algorithms that can create what they call their ‘Behavioural Matchmaking’ and ‘Smart Pick’ technologies, helping to create that perfect match. It also has some extremelu thorough security features, requiring several authentification steps, including the verification of pictures through videao reinforcement.

It’s free to sign-upand you can earn coins to open extra features, though you will have to pay if you want to unlock all adbavenced features. Anothrer thing that makes it so popular with over 35 million users in more than 80 countries is its multi-language support. So come on guys, get international!

Match (Android/iOS)

We couldn’t not mention Match as the ones who led the field are still up there among the most popular of apps for men. It’s clean features, well organized interface and a variety of filters and options still make this a classic and satisfying app. There is not much more to be said, really, other than go check it out!

Coffe Meets Bagel (Android/iOS)

With one of the more bizarre sounding names that we have come across, this app flies in the face of the idea that you need to have as many matches as possible to find the right woman. In fact, the designers of this app feel the opposite about this, believing that it just becomes distracting and a waste of time trawling through so many details.

The app operates by creating only one match per day which is carefully generated to meet your eact requirements. The logic is that responses are much more likely to be genuine, based on this knowledge. Definitely one for the serious daters.

AdultFriendFinder (Android/iOS)

We couldn’t not mention an app that prides itself on its sexually explicit nature. The greeting message on the sign-up page, “Join the World’s Largest Sex & Swinger Community” is a dead giveaway and this app does exactly what it says on the tin! It is well known for being an app for finding all kinds of casual meetings and sexual encounters.

With over 25 million visits per month, it caters for all kinds of tastes from casual sex, threesomes and cyber-sex to swinging. Live rooms leave nothing to the imagination and anything goes except probably a long-term relationship. Nevertheless, a must for the friskier of you out there!

Grindr (Android/iOS)

For the gay and bi community, Grindr still remains top of the apps heap Top features that make it so popular are its use of device location allowing users to recognize others in close proximity or within a certain radius and it comes with a comprehensive series of filters to enable the perfect match.

Although this app was a firm favourite for quick hook-ups and one-night stands in its early days, it’s now become much more widely used for serious relationships. This makes it perfect for those seeking monogamous, long-term romances, too.

If you’re still wondering why apps are becoming the preferred choice over online sites, take a look here.

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