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There are a number of European dating sites available to those looking for love across the region. However, the ones that stand out from the crowd are those that can go beyond simply being able to look at random profiles of other users on a particular platform. We had a look at many sites but chose these ones as they are able to offer a little bit more than the competition.

EinkamalIcelanders preferred dating site

This Website has gained a lot of popularity since the acquisition of the business by the influential Match Group who are behind some other well-known European dating sites including the hugely popular

Einkamal has some great features aimed at helping to find that special relationship between two people. It’s got a great smooth-but-simple interface and, incidentally for any non-natives visiting Iceland, translates extremely well to English.

Have a look at the site here.

Winning Match

Talking of, this seems to be one of the most popular sites across Europe, managing to adapt itself to the needs of the local markets in many countries.

In Norway it’s huge although it does cater mostly for big city dwellers from places such as Stavanger, Bergen and Oslo.

Although, the Austrians are pretty reserved and aren’t the best at flirting and enjoying the lighter side of things when it comes to romance, they still seem to prefer Match when it comes to online dating, due to its more serious profile information and content.

The same can be said for the Swiss who again are slightly more serious in their approach to dating and are not known for their love of one-night stands.

In the UK, Match has tried to cater to the fact that people are quite sensitive and open to other’s information so that if you meet someone and goes on a date, then the other person is not a mystery which makes dating easier and simpler as they feel that they know each other already.

The way Match helps people in their search for their potential partner while also allowing for easy communication makes this site popular in many other countries including high ranking in Belgium and Ireland. For a better idea of how they operate in your country, simply typing in in your browser should see you redirected to your local site. is also available as a mobile application for people who want to enjoy the services of on the go.

Other notable country-specific dating pages

Belgium – Belgians are known among other Europeans as being very particular about their environment and wanting to have everything organized. This means dating may not be such an easy proposition as it is in other countries. However, Be2 dating site, which uses an algorithm based on a personality test for optimal matchmaking seems to be perfect for their needs and is very popular,

Denmark – Danish people are known as being very relaxed and singles in Denmark are very comfortable with the concept of online dating. The Danish dating site is very popular and has a nice interface and an extensive search filter interface. Also available on app. is among the most mainstream sites operating in several European countries and beyond. It’s very popular in the UK but also in the USA, Canada and Australia. For a review of this site, head on over to Latest Dating Reviews.

The truth is, there are countless options for dating wherever you happen to live or be at the moment. Google translate has made it easier to interact with these sites even if you are not a speaker of the language in your present locality, However, you do need to choose carefully which sites or apps you are going to use.

Latest Dating Reviews has a constantly updated list of the best dating sites around at the moment and also has some useful and fun dating tips and ideas for both men and woman. Head-on over and check it out.

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