What would be your perfect date?

Well, obviously this is a huge question that will no doubt elicit a huge variety of responses depending on individual people’s interests, likes and desires. For some people it could be as simple as dinner and a movie while others dream of riding off into the sunset on white horses to a mythical castle. As there are clearly no right or wrong answers, we’ve tried to whittle it down to some of the top factors people mention in their responses to this highly subjective topic.

Hopefully, some of the things that came up may inspire you in your plan to make a lasting impression on your partner by going on some great dates. 

The element of surprise

However exotic or ordinary the idea of people’s perfect date may be, a common theme seems to be that there should be an element of surprise. This clearly takes a good deal of planning and secrecy which may be more or less difficult depending on their living arrangements. Avoiding the element of suspicion may also be tricky, as a partner suddenly behaving in an unforthcoming manner about things may seem like they are up to something else!

With a bit of understanding about what a partner really enjoys doing, though, it shouldn’t be too difficult to think of something that will make for an amazing and surprising occasion. Booking that tandem sky-dive may be ideal for the more adventurous but getting tickets to a show followed by a table at their favourite restaurant may be equally pleasing to others. Whatever it is going to be, the key is keeping it to yourself before the event!

Location, location

Again, this consideration could result in coming-up with endless options but the key is matching the location to how far along the relationship has progressed and what you both should be getting out of it. If it’s a first date, for example, think about going somewhere quiet so you can get the opportunity to talk and get to know each other. If the relationship has developed further, you may feel that a more communal and noisier environment would be okay, such as going to a favourite band’s concert or even a big game.

Exotic or not?

A common factor that people site for a perfect date is travelling to somewhere exotic and far-away. This can obviously be amazing and super-romantic – and often super-expensive, too. Think about the costs involved and go for it if you can afford it. But there’s no point taking out a second mortgage if a trip to the local park for a picnic could have been equally enjoyable. It’s definitely a question of ‘horses for courses’ here, so think about it carefully.

Timing is everything

When you choose to go on your date can also be a factor in its perfection. Anniversaries and birthdays are obvious examples, as is Valentine’s day. But taking someone out on a particular day because it was the date when they first told you they loved you, or some other important memorable moment can be amazingly romantic. Men take note here, because you are not so good at these kinds of things!

Wining and dining

This can be a huge factor in making a date perfect, particularly for ‘foodie’ couples. An amazing meal can a be a wonderfully romantic and enjoyable date for both of you. Pay attention to your partner’s idea of food heaven and choose accordingly. Keep your eye out for new restaurant openings and special events and make that surprise booking!

Doing things together

When we were researching this article, we came across a huge variety of things that could make for the perfect date. However, it was pleasantly surprising to see the number of people who said that where they went and what they did (or ate) was not as important as the fact they were doing things together and building their relationships. Again, it seems that tuning the kind dates of dates you go on to things that you will both enjoy and have fun doing is the key to happiness.

“It doesn’t matter what you do if you love each other” was an often-cited answer which we found to be of more importance to many couples than the exotic or unusual options. This suggests that people should perhaps worry less about the details and live for the moments spent naturally and happily together.

Haven’t found your date, yet?

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