Finding the perfect date in 2021

It would be easy to think that finding your perfect date has never been so easy; the continuous development of communication technology and the ever-increasing number of dating apps and pages might appear to offer unlimited opportunities to find that ideal partner. However, in reality, this may not actually be the case and there is a danger of falling into the trap of having too much choice and therefore ‘spreading yourself too thin’ by trying to have a presence in too many different places.

In addition, while it’s certainly true that it is possible to find a date almost instantly with location-based phone apps allowing you to quickly locate other ‘singles’ who may be nearby, this does not necessarily lead to good dates. I recently saw a great example of this while watching a popular UK dating show called ‘Dinner Dates.’ One of the contestants who was not chosen for a second date flippantly announced that he “might just try his luck on Tinder” while eating a consolation ready meal that had been delivered to his door (instead of enjoying a romantic five-star meal in a restaurant with the person who was choosing his ideal mate). These kinds of apps may well be suited to one-night stands and fun liaisons but they do not necessarily lead to fulfilling meet-ups.

We’ve put our heads together to have a think about some tips to help you find that elusive perfect date.

Quality not quantity

As we already mentioned, trying to use too many dating sites or apps may not be the best idea: it may lead to you not focusing on the things that are right for you by using sites and apps that don’t lead to good or lasting relationships. This can also result in a situation where you find it difficult to keep track of all the places you are using to look for dates and can mean that you miss quality responses by playing the ‘numbers game.’

Instead, choose a site that has more focus on developing long-term relationships through deeper and better interaction with that potential Mr. or Mrs. Right in the early stages. Good sites will allow people to create more accurate profiles and have better filters for allowing you to search the kinds of things you are looking for in a partner.

We currently recommend Flirtila and Sexymeets Club as our top two dating sites.

Profiles mean everything

As we mentioned before, don’t waste your time spreading yourself around too many different platforms but choose one or two that will suit your needs. Remember we are talking about finding the perfect date so spend some time creating a great profile with decent and accurate information about you.

In the long run, providing more than basic information is going to help you find someone suitable by matching your interests and likes (and even dislikes) more accurately. For example, if you’re going to list eating out, say what kinds of restaurants you prefer; if it’s cinema, say what kind of films you enjoy. ‘Playing sports’ leaves a lot to the imagination so say what it is you do.

While you don’t need to give everything away (leaving somethings to the imagination can add a little mystery), a well-thought-out profile will ultimately be a major advantage to you.

No false advertising

While you need to be providing detail in your profile, there is no point in being dishonest or over-exaggerating. If you do, this will soon ‘come out in the wash’ if and when you meet and it can be extremely embarrassing for both parties.

The same must be said for pictures: if you’re providing profile images, make sure they are accurate reflections of you and that they are current; you may well have looked like some kind of god or goddess some years before, but if you don’t now, don’t pretend. Your potential partner is interested in the ‘now’ and not the ‘then’!

Take time to respond

Once you have a nice profile set-up, you will soon start to receive interest from potential dates. Keep your eye on who is contacting you and take the time to answer in a suitable way. Remember, that overly short or curt responses are likely to come across as disinterest. If you think there is no future in pursuing a particular respondent, it’s fine to show this (politely), but if you are interested, take some time to show this and develop your interaction to the next level.

Take some advice

There are many potential ways to meet the perfect partner online but the choice can be bewildering. Make use of some of the sites whose job it is to go out and find the better options.

One of the best we have come across is a site called Latest Dating Reviews who have a constantly updated top ten list of dating sites, along with some great dating and relationship tips. For something a little more saucy have a look at their recent article ‘Blow his mind.’

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